review taked from tripadvisor, written by Greg J. of Fort Myers, FL

We heard of this restaurant through an acquaintance of my wife's and we are so glad she paid attention. This fusion of Indian, with hints of Mediterranean is absolutely excellent....

The establishment itself is situated offset from a shopping plaza, so there is plenty of is well lit, and the signage is appropriate. There are three areas that make this place what it is, firstly there is a corporate setting in which you can hold meetings, secondly a martini bar, and finally the dining room. Each are seperate from one another, so the clientele of each do no overflow one to the other, thereby causing any distractions while trying to dine out.

Upon first entry, the smell of exotic cardamon and coriander and other spices (Garam Masala) greet you and immediately activate our palates. My wife has been reading about spicy food in a novel and has been fired up for it all week. We eat out regularly; nearly every Friday, and sometimes on Saturdays as well.

I am formally trained in classical nouvelle cuisine, having graduated from a very reputable institution, under the tutelage of some world class, gold medal award winning chefs. I have helped to cook for the Queen of England, personally cooked for Bob Hope, and many politicians during my tenure and so when I speak highly of food, I mean it.

To start we ordered drinks, she a cool class of house chardonnay, and I a tall well poured Taj Mahal.....sipping these we made our decisions. To start we had the Nirvana sampler, which consisted of Naan Bread, Tandoori Chicken, Vegetable Samosas, Vegetable and Chicken Pakoras served with Chutneys. The chutneys were a sweet and spicy red chili, cilantro and tamarind each were excellent. So much so we ordered Naan to go, with some chutneys to dip for tomorrow......

For our main course(s) we were informed by our efficient waiter that the butter chicken was very good. So my wife chose this, I the Lamb Rogan Josh and an order of Navarathan Khorma (vegetables in a slightly spicy creamy tomato sauce) to share with perfectly cooked Basmati rice, that was colorful and scented.

Each selection was presented in individual stainless serving containers, with lids to keep the steam inside, allowing the full pleasure of the individual scents to waft up to the delight of each of us. Soon we were happily eating, and enjoying the heat, which was well needed since SWFL was in the middle of a cold snap....we were pleased to say the least, our selections, the friendly staff the comfortable decor and pleasant ethnic music served to make a most enjoyable evening. (These dishes were excellent. )

We had the good fortune of meeting the owner, who kindly offered us an after dinner drink to which, sadly we had to raincheck as I tend not to drink too much if I have the keys to the car. We will be back, we will recommend this establishment highly and we will bring friends and family.....A well needed concept in the Fort Myers dining scene.

2 Drinks
Order of spectacular Naan to go......less than $60...very reasonable....
(includes leftovers for tomorrow....yummy)

review taken from, written by Marshall L. of Cape Coral, FL

The Nirvana Restaurant of Fort Myers is centrally located with ample parking. It is the third (as far as this reviewer can remember) incarnation of upscale restaurants that have called the location home (see: Metropolitan & Blackhawk).

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this Indian restaurant is poised to revitalize its section of College Parkway that is/was dominated by fast food joints (including Chinese takeout in the Publix plaza across the street). Even the floundering International Buffet lies in its shadow (literally).

The nearest comparable, fine dining experience is several blocks away at the Stonewood Tavern & Grill near Cleveland Avenue. Both establishments have exceptional service and food to rave about.

The trio of sweet, spicy and cilantro sauces that come with the Nirvana spring rolls would make for an excellent complement to the aged steaks and mammoth Buffalo wings at Stonewood.

However, despite the potential awesomeness of such culinary intermingling, there can be no doubt that fine dining has formed a duet on the parkway.

The traditional Indian tastes and inventive 'fusion' (see: hot and multicultural) dishes that the Nirvana Restaurant brings to Southwest Florida are pure heaven.

review taken from, written by Nell C. of Cape Coral, FL

Absolutely superb....My husband and I met there last night for thier first ladie's night, wasn't too crazy about the Mango Martini, but Dean, the bartender was great...providing great service and awesome drinks. My husband had the lamb vindaloo, I had lamb rogen josh both were excellent. Happy to have found a new, and exciting restaurant in Fort Myers....but looking forward to more fusion oriented menu items...Indian food is great, but would go more often if more chef specials were offered. Our server mentioned that the Executive Chef is fairly new to the restaurant, and not of Indian descent; speaking from our experience, the new chef is a great addition and must be well schooled in various cooking styles, since everything was top notch, which is the reason would we like to see more specials. Great night all around, we will be back.